This track, done in collaboration with New York producer Kid Ginseng, is part of a larger investigation (and endorsement) of the concept of utopia. Designed to be danced to, this piece was debuted in a purpose-built, acoustically-prepared “dance room” at the 7th Mercosul Bienial in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The work, in its overall form, brings together a very long-standing interest (researched during the artist’s youth at hundreds of different nightclubs) in the utopian spirit of the dance floor. The track uses samples from the early twentieth century cultural avant gardes. 

Documentation: MP3 of track; Installation view; Installation diagram

Dance Music Collaborations #1

Terence Gower and Kid Ginseng, 2009


9:08 minutes

Debuted in a specially-prepared listening room at the VIII Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brazil



Text: Dance Music Collaborations


Video of installation


Kid Ginseng

S 3 Dance Music Collab