New Utopias is a lecture about pop culture utopias filmed in the style of a 1950s Walt Disney documentary. The set, costuming, lighting and camera work are based on 1950s television production standards. But where the original Disney documentaries celebrated rockets and nuclear technology, this updated version promotes aesthetic frivolity, sexual perversion and UFO abduction fantasies. Among the new utopias under analysis are an afrofuturist extraterrestrial society, a dreary French seaside town transformed into an aesthetic paradise, and a retelling of the Frankenstein myth set in a sexual utopia ruled by the uninhibited libido. This video is shown accompanied by the Mothership Blueprints.

Documentation: Video excerpt; production photo; video stills; installation at Labor, Mexico City; projection at ArtBasel Miami Beach


Terence Gower, 2010

HD Video

17 minutes


Edit: Anita Chao

Camera: Lilli Thalgott

Assistant Camera: Barbara von Woellwarth

Sound Recording: Scott Brasher / Ground Control Studio

Sound Design: Mehdi Hedayati / MH Soundpost

Titles: Lindsay Stadig

Production Stills: Barbara von Woellwarth

Digital Transfer: Creative Group, New York

Labor installation photography: Isaac Contreras

Miami photo: Jesper Just





Project Text: New Utopias


Script: New Utopias


Conversation: Pedro Reyes & Terence Gower


Related Work: Mothership Blueprints