This is an exhibition architecture project for a show on puppet imagery in contemporary art. The exhibition, The Puppet Show was commissioned by ICA Philadelphia and toured to six other museums around the US. The installation was designed to trigger uncanny associations of scale; to make the viewer conscious of their own scale in relation to both the exhibition architecture and the works on display—mostly puppets and documentation of puppet-related performances. The installation featured oversized shipping crates, 2M tall lettering, dark and light zones, and an enormous raised staging area. These structures and the free-standing projection rooms formed a miniature city around the viewer, with streets, doorways, and a central plaza.


Terence Gower, 2007-08

Exhibition design: Video cubicles with benches, projection structure with four projection rooms, rolling platform/stage for sculpture, “puppet storage” crate as exhibition entry vestibule, black velvet curtain, lighting, title wall text

Curators: Ingrid Shaffner and Carin Kuoni



Notes on the Puppet Show