Manifiesto is a collaboration with New York based singer Rachel Sharples. The work juxtaposes music and architecture, two forms of expression that employ rhythm, texture, harmony, proportion, and dynamics. Mathias Goeritz, in his 1952 Manifiesto de la arquitectura emocional and in his manifesto’s built form, El Eco, added emotion to this list of architecture’s essential characteristics. The artist commissioned composer Will Orzo to incorporate Goeritz’ manifesto into a new musical composition that was performed live by Sharples, then played back in El Eco for the duration of the exhibition. Manifiesto proposes that cultural manifestos have an emotional and spiritual function similar to that of religious musical forms. The audio track was recorded in New York City and then pressed in an edition of 100 vinyl records for this exhibition.


Performance and exhibition at Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico City. Curator: Paula Santoscoy


Terence Gower and Rachel Sharples, 2015
Live performance (by Rachel Sharples)
Installation: empty museum with audio track on speakers
Vinyl LP, silkscreen on card, produced in Czech Republic


Link: El Eco