Phase two in an ongoing collaboration with artist Pedro Reyes in which new public sculptures will be proposed for new neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Mexico City. Following on the general exchange of ideas and analysis of various sites in the first installation (presented at Artists Space, New York in 2007), this second phase compares models created individually by each artist over the intervening six years, some of which have been achieved full-scale. The table-top installation of models is accompanied by another e-mail exchange in which consistent shared themes are brought to light.


Documentation: Installation views at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City


New Monuments for New Neighbourhoods (Part II)

Terence Gower and Pedro Reyes, 2007 – 2014

Models in stone, aluminium, wood and papier mâché, displayed on a wood and steel table

160 x 170 x 950 cm overall


Exhibited at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City as part of the exhibition El Teatro del Mundo

Curator: Andrea Torreblanca


Correspondence: Pedro Reyes & Terence Gower
e-mail exchange


Link: Museo Tamayo 


Related Project: New Monuments for New Neighbourhoods

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