A collaboration with artist Pedro Reyes in which new public sculptures were conceived for the new neighborhoods springing up around Mexico City. Model sites were researched at Casas Ara and Casas Sada developments in the State of Mexico and then a dialogue took place over a year. The principal model for the collaboration was Luis Barragán and Mattias Goeritz’ Torres de Satélite. The presentation of the collaboration was made up of print-outs of the e-mail exchange supplemented with photographs, models, articles, texts, and videos, all shown at Artists Space, New York.


Documentation: Installation photo; details of sketches, model of Pedro Reyes’ Tripode, and photographic references for Gonzalo Fonseca’s Torre de los Vientos and Mathias Goeritz and Luis Barragáns’ Torres de Satélite


Terence Gower and Pedro Reyes, 2005-07

Paper, magazines, books, video monitor with DVD, ceramic, wood, table, stools, photographs on panels

Table: 100 x 183 x 244 cm Prints: 30 x 30 x 3 cm each


Installation created for Elephant Cemetery, Artists Space, New York, 2007

Curator: Christian Rattemeyer



Text: New Monuments for New Neighbourhoods


Correspondence: Pedro Reyes & Terence Gower e-mail exchange


Reference: Nine Points on Monumentality