The tradition of the artist’s portrait or self-portrait, in which artists are seen posing with their work, goes back many centuries. Brancusi set the standard for modern artists in the many studio self-portraits he created in the early twentieth century. Artist portraiture seemed to follow a set of conventions established by Brancusi, with artists frequently photographed in standard poses such as “through the hole”, “artist working”, “cradling the sculpture”, or simply “intense concentration”. The Sculpture-Props seen in the photographs were created using polymer-coated polystyrene.


Documentation: 5 prints, installation view, Sculpture Portraits poster, Prop Sculptures


Sculpture Portraits

Terence Gower, 2011

Five Ilford warm tone silver gelatin prints

20.3 x 25.4 cm each

Photography: James Peel

Studio: Nina Subin

Laboratory: Black and White on White


Sculpture Portraits Poster

Terence Gower, 2011

Laminated digital print, 48 x 64 cm

Layout by Chris Nosenzo


Prop Sculptures

Terence Gower, 2010-11

Enamel and acrylic  polymer on polystyrene

Red Element: 125 x 46 x 46 cm


Text: Sculpture Portraits