This is a prototype modeled on the blocks of flats of Mexico City’s Tlatelolco housing complex. Tlatelolco is striking for the graphic beauty of its original façade designs—now lost under post-1985 buttressing—and for the complex’s vast scale. The work Tlatelolcona (tr: giant Tlatelolco) communicates the excitement of architect Mario Pani’s first vision of a housing solution for Mexico City; the modern architect’s dream of order out of chaos. The work highlights the original vision of the complex’s architect Mario Pani, before it came to represent the tragedies of the 1968 student massacre and the 1985 earthquake.


Documentation: Installation at New Museum; detail of print element


Terence Gower, 2008

Wall Installation: Digital prints on cardboard, enamel-painted wood shelves, framed digital print

Approximately 70 x 320 x 20 cm overall

Curator: Jorge Munguía, Museo Tamayo



Text: Tlatelolcona


Article: Domus Mexico


Link: New Museum (Museum as Hub)


Link: New Museum Lecture

1 Tlatelolcona 2 Tlatelolcona 3 Tlatelolcona