This exhibition project is structured around a text the artist commissioned from Iranian psychoanalyst Gohar Homayounpour to accompany his installation Free Association at IAC Villeurbanne, Lyon in 2014. Homayounpour’s essay Free / Not Free Association links artistic intuition to the Freudian analytical technique of free association. This new exhibition includes the original Free Association mobile in addition to a group of works produced in response to the psychoanalyst’s text. Each work is a study in stopping the movement of the mobile (using still photography) to generate new forms that were then used in a new series of hollow wood wall sculptures (fabricated by a Mexico City guitar-maker), a 24-metre wall mural, and a monumental outdoor sculpture cut from 10mm aluminum.


Documentation: Installation view at LABOR, Mexico City, 2016


Free / Not Free Association
Terence Gower, 2016

Free Association: Installation, aluminium, stainless steel hardware, furniture
450 x 400 x 350 cm overall

Not Free Association (Integración): Installation; painted frieze, 1.2 x 24.62 M

Not Free Association (Guitarras): 8 Wall sculptures; varnished wood, 150 x 18 x 7.5 (average) cm each

Study for Not Free Association (Guitarras): Set of 2 gouache drawings, approx. 35 x 45 cm and 45 x 35 cm

Sin titulo (Pareja): Outdoor sculpture; Enamel on aluminum, stainless steel, 180 x 90 x 125 cm