The Display Nature: Silvanum installation makes use of Mies van der Rohe’s 1939 Resor House studies to analyze the exhibition site, the former forestry museum Silvanum, now the home of the Konstcentrum in Gävle, Sweden. Like the Resor House, Silvanum was designed for views of the surrounding landscape, as well as for the display of forestry artifacts and wood samples. Display Nature reassembles Mies Resor composition in real space, this time composed of Swedish joinery samples—axe-hewn log construction, and board-and-batten cladding—treated with traditional Swedish Falu red and black paint.


Documentation: Installation views at Gävle Konstcentrum; window text detail; documentation table views and details


Terence Gower, 2012

Installation with two-part pinewood sculpture, iron weights, wooden document table with digital prints and facsimiles, print diptych, two wooden benches

Commissioned by Anna Livion Ingvarsson at Gävle Konstcentrum

Production coordinator: Moa Andersson

Sculpture fabrication: Bobo Bäckström

Printing: Stephen Gross at Brooklyn Editions

Digital Imaging and Facsimiles: Lindsay Stadig

Photography: Bo Gyllander


Text: Project Essay


Text: Short Wall Essays


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