The SuperPuesto is a temporary outdoor pavilion commissioned by the Bronx Museum in New York as part of their exhibition Beyond the Supersquare. The pavilion is composed of a wooden frame clad in vinyl sheeting mounted on a composite deck. The vinyl-and-frame building system used in the SuperPuesto is based on the temporary market stalls—known as puestos—found in most Latin American cities, a sign of their flourishing informal economies. The form of the pavilion references another temporary structure, Marcel Breuer’s Exhibition House, built in the garden of MoMA in 1949. The SuperPuesto is programmed by the local community in the Bronx and has been used for concerts, education workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and parties.


Documentation: Installation views and workshop views, studies



Terence Gower, 2014

Wood, concrete, steel fasteners, vinyl sheeting

4.9 x 4.9 x 14.6 M (excluding ramps)


Commissioned by the Bronx Museum and installed in the garden of the Andrew Freeman Home

Curators: Holly Block and María Ines Rodriguez

Design and construction help: Yoandy Rizo and Osmani García

Drawings: Galia Solomonoff, Daniel Holguín, Guy Willey

Engineering: Tian-Fang Jing

Fabrication: Scott Pfaffman, Richard Dennis, Diehl Edwards, and Justice Corp

Volunteers: Sciame Construction, New York Institute of Technology, Adrien de Mones

Photography: Adam Reich


Project Essay: SuperPuesto

Link: New York Times on Beyond the SuperSquare