In an axonometric drawing, all lines parallel to the principal axes (axonometric lines) are drawn to scale so that three-dimensional space can be rendered with all coordinates to scale and without the distortion of perspective. A cube can be conjured with extremely reduced means: a square and two diamonds. The Colour/Plane Study drawings are made up of a single rendering of a cube and three series of drawings that use built structures as models for studies on the effects of coloured planes; the Sonsbeek Pavilion, the Barcelona Pavilion, and the artist’s studio. These drawings relate to the Red Wall series of installations that explore the optical/spatial effects of the colour red in architecture.


Terence Gower, 2004

8 Drawings: Wax pencil and technical pen on mylar

60 x 45 cm each

Photography: Egan Franz


Text: Colour | Plane Studies


Related Project: Axonometric Studies