This video is composed of photographs of Mexico’s Instituto politecnico nacional taken upon its completion in 1964. The video animates the still images using zooms and pans and takes the viewer on a tour of the campus in its pristine, just-completed state. The tour is divided into four sections (Administration, Workshops, Classrooms, and Recreation), each announced by a colour slide. The voice of a narrator occasionally interrupts the modern musical soundtrack to offer technical data on the construction of the complex. By avoiding mention of the geographic location of the Polytechnic complex, the video highlights its universalism—it could have been built in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, or any other country.


Documentation: Video excerpt; video stills and source images; monograph of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico, 1964


Terence Gower, 2005

Digital Video, 8:20 minutes

Edit: Anita Chao

Voice: Constanze Guthenke

Graphics: Natalia Porter

Digital Imaging: Tod Seelie and Lindsay Stadig

Sound: Aaron Mullan

Recorded at Echo Canyon, New York City

Photography:  Guillermo Zamora, René Sagastume, Federico Espinoza, Guillermo Ordorica, Gabriel Reyes, Arturo Horiuchi (for the inaugural monograph of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico, 1964)

Photographs of IPN monograph: Tod Seelie


Script: Polytechnic


Text: Craig Buckley and Leonardo Diaz-Borioli


2 Polytechnic

3 Polytechnic

4 Polytechnic

5 Polytechnic

6 Polytechnic

7 Polytechnic

8 Polytechnic

9 Polytechnic

10 Polytechnic

11 Polytechnic