This wall installation came out of an invitation by the Krannert Museum in Champaign, Illinois to design a work for the façade of the museum. The work that resulted was an analysis of Ambrose Richardson’s original drawings for the museum’s façade which prominently featured a spiky abstract sculpture. The sculpture was a product of the architect’s imagination and this drawing launched a series of works about the image of sculpture and abstraction in the post-war public imagination. This work consists of a text on abstraction in the collective unconscious and three models of how Richardson’s sculpture might look if produced in three dimensions.


Documentation: Installation; model detail; Ambrose Richardson façade elevation for the Krannert Museum


Terence Gower, 2007

Digital print, framed, 53.4 x 63.5 cm

Wire and tape models on wood shelf,

approximately 30 x 90 x 25 cm

Commissioned by the Krannert Museum, Champaign, IL

Printed by Stephen Gross at Brooklyn Editions

Photography: Egan Frantz