Created for UKS in Oslo, this fourth version of the Red Wall consisted of another wall-mounted dialogue, this time transcribed from the November, 1923 issue of l’Esprit Nouveau, a critical journal published by the architect Le Corbusier and the painter Amedée Ozenfant. The dialogue is between an architect and a visual artist (X/Le Corbusier and Fernand Léger), and sheds light on one of the cultural debates of the early twentieth century: architectural polychromy. The dialogue is supplemented with footnotes that relate back to the other versions of the Red Wall.


Terence Gower, 2006

Framed digital print on red wall

Print: 43 x 68.8 cm

For the exhibition Several Ways Out, UKS, Oslo

Curator: Craig Buckley


Text: Déductions consécutives troublantes (with notes)


1 Red Wall Deductions

2 Red Wall Deductions