The video Ciudad Moderna is a composite of clips taken from the popular Mexican film Despedida de Casada, released in 1966. The source film is treated as a document of the contemporary city, and is re-edited to show off the modern architecture of Mexico, such as the Museum of Anthropology, the apartment buildings of Avenida de la Reforma, and the Hotel Presidente in Acapulco. Clips from the original film dissolve into single frames that capture the architecture in pristine black and white, or show perspective renderings like illustrations from an architectural monograph.


Documentation: Video Excerpt; Installation at Laboratorio Arte Alameda; Installation at Storefront for Art and Architeture; Video stills



Terence Gower, 2004

Digital Video, 6:20 minutes


Edit: Anita Chao

Digital Imaging: Lindsay Stadig

Graphics: Natalia Porter

Research: Angel Martínez

Film Archive: Filmoteca, UNAM

Film Source: Despedida de Casada, Mexico, 1966

Funding: Peter S. Reed Foundation


Project Text: Ciudad Moderna (Spanish)


Excerpt: Itala Schmelz


Interview: Sarah Herda and Terence Gower