Osaka, Japan, September, 1994



Dear Sir or Madam,


I am the director of the Dr. Ota Memorial Southern-Hemisphere Artists’ Studio Fellowship here at the university.


I must admit outright that I’ve never seen a single work of yours.  Nor have I read or overheard anything really concrete on the subject (you’re a sculptor?)


Nevertheless, the rumours I overhear about your work place it in the most positive light.  I distinctly remember hearing your name mentioned at a summer reception in the home of Prof. Kenzo Tomo.  A small group of guests (their names escape me now) were speaking very enthusiastically about your work “Empty Museum” (or “M.T. Museum”…  does this sound familiar?)  Truth be told, I can’t recount a single detail of the work, other than this fragment of its title, but the excitement and engagement with which the work was discussed truly moved me.


I have recently been reviewing the applications for our upcoming studio fellowship.  Though you were not on the list of applicants, a colleague of mine mentioned that you had several years ago expressed interest in our program.  It appears that we have too little time for you to send me documentation about you and your work before I must make a decision about the next participant in our program.  But remembering again the very positive words that I have frequently overheard with regard to your work, I would be delighted if you would join us here for our next workshop.  It is thus my great honor to be able to invite you to Osaka to participate in our program.


Details of the program will follow at a later date.


Yours very sincerely,




Walter Carlsen


P.S.  Please don’t think I’m complaining, but I’ve noticed that nobody seems to show me or tell me anything.