Galería Arte Mexicano is pleased to announce the exhibition PROMO featuring Stefan Bruggemann, Terence Gower, Ulises Mora and Edgar Orlaineta.


April 5th to May 20th, 2000.  Opening April 5th at 7:30 PM


Galería Arte Mexicano

Rafael Rebollar 43

San Miguel Chapultepec

Mexico, DF 11850

Tel. 52 73 12 61



For immediate release:


Founded in 1935, Galeria Arte Mexicano is Latin America’s oldest gallery.  To celebrate its 65th anniversary, the gallery is presenting an exhibition of new work by a younger generation of artists. For the exhibition PROMO, Galeria Arte Mexicano has invited four artists, Stefan Bruggemann, Terence Gower, Ulises Mora, and Edgar Orlaineta to create billboards to be exhibited inside the gallery. These will be shown alongside projects in other media parallel to the billboard campaign.


Ulises Mora has created a billboard advertising the exhibition itself, (also reproduced on the cover of the exhibition catalog).  This ad is supported by a light box work that displays the creative brief an advertising team might have consulted during the brainstorm and design of Mora’s billboard.


Stefan Bruggemann has developed a glamorous campaign to sell a friend’s car, a 1992 Cutlass.  The billboard, which shows a model reclining in the luxury brown interior of the car, is displayed next to the paraphernalia of car merchandising: the exhibiting ramp.


Terence Gower has produced a campaign for an actual product (uninvited by the company in question.)  His billboard for Shampoo Vanart, a popular working-class product, seems to trespass on the exclusivity of the private gallery.  Adjacent to this billboard is a model of the same billboard installed on top of the gallery building, liberated from the privacy of the gallery and advertising it’s product to the general public.


Edgar Orlaineta is advertising a toy-like submarine, the “M-SPOV G2.”  The “M-SPOV,” advertised with the line “deeper actions for deeper thoughts” appears to have some mysterious sexual function, the innuendo hitting home with the ear-to-ear grin on the front of the submarine’s hull.  This campaign is supported by the distribution of t-shirts bearing the M-SPOV image and logo.